Short Films from the 2017 Hendin Academy visit.

The film below was made during the first trip to the Hendin Academy in Feb 2017. The film is presented by Sophie Hendin the founder of the Kenyan school Fund. In the film you will see the children of the Academy at school, on a school trip and Sophie visiting the families’ homes. The film will allow you to go on an emotional journey that shows insight into the lives of the families that the Kenyan School Fund supports and how education has the ability to change lives when communities are working together.

The second film continues with Sophie visiting the families’ homes and discovering that some are living in unsafe and dangerous housing with inadequate bedding and storage. When returning from the visit the HAPSA programme was set up. (Hendin Academy Parents Support Programme) the aim of the project is to move the most vulnerable families into suitable safe housing. The film is a true representation of Kenyan families that live on a dollar a day.