Trustee’s and Volunteers


In Kenya – Samuel and Joseph Manda

Samuel is a wonderful individual who Sophie Hendin, the charity’s founder, met on a trip to Kenya in 2005. Samuel has dedicated his life to helping others. As well as running the Hendin Academy he has been involved in the building of The Soma Leo Academy in Lake Victoria. 

Samuel passionately believes that children should be given the opportunity to get a foundation in well-being and education in order to give them the best possible chance for a future life of self reliance. In recent years Samuel has been assisted by his son Joseph. All staff are paid for their work.

The Trustees

sophie_hendin_round_smallSophie Hendin

Sophie is a school teacher in Ipswich. Having seen the poverty faced by Kenyan children and having been inspired by Samuel Manda, Sophie established the Kenyan School Fund. She has successfully brought together a fundraising group of friends for the charity and founded, developed and kept the Hendin Academy since 2008.